Top 5 useful chrome extensions to improve productivity.

Here are our top 5 picks for the best chrome extensions that we found to increase our productivity on daily basis. If you are a working individual or a college student you would love to have these chrome extensions packed in your browser!

Project Naptha

Have you ever come across a beautiful photo or a perfect background for your presentation, you download it only to realise that it has some unwanted text on it. You can use some internet tools which claim to remove text on image but most of them either need money to be used or just crappy, this is where we can use Project Naptha which is a very cool extension , it let’s you to remove text on any image inside chrome, it is very simple to use and best of all “it’s free”.get project naptha here

Online Tools by

This is a pretty cool and highly productive extension it has many useful extensions inside it like Text Tools,Image Tools,CSS Tools,Coding Tools,Color Tools,Social Media Tools,Miscellaneous Tools..but the coolest of all is it can let you convert typed text into handwritten text, this is a big useful resource for students during pandemic, you can use this tool to complete your assignments very quickly and with a better handwriting too. It has many other tools inside it, i’ll leave them for you to explore.
Online Tools by extension here

Keepa Amazon Price Tracker

This is an excellent price tracking extension for amazon which will let you know whether you are getting a good price for the product. It shows simple interactive graphs which will let you know the price of products across the time.
get Keepa Amazon Price Tracker here

Buster: Captcha Solver for Humans

I am pretty sure that you have come across a website which wants you to prove that you are not a ROBOT and it asks you to solve puzzles which sometimes can be time taking and annoy you .. this is where Buster comes to rescue. It is a well made chrome extension which will automatically solve the captcha for you within a matter of seconds.get Keepa Amazon Price Tracker here


This is a very famous extension to save your passwords and will log into accounts automatically. It instantly creates a very strong Password for every site and
Best of all it respects your Privacy so much that it stores all the passwords locally with encryption, you will never have to remember your Passwords again , this also works on multiple devices, you can sync all of them via cloud storage.
get LastPass here

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