How to WhatsApp someone without saving phone number?

We all use WhatsApp daily but have you ever wondered if it’s possible to text someone on WhatsApp without saving their number first? 

If yes there is a simple way to do it. Let’s get into action

For iOS devices.
Using Siri Shortcuts:-
For starters, Siri shortcuts provide a quick way to get things done with your apps or let you automate things to ease your workflow. 

So simply add this Siri shortcut to your shortcuts app on iPhone and add it to Home Screen, whenever you want to WhatsApp someone, tap on it to run it will prompt you to give the phone number with country code and then the message you want to text, voila this will take you to the WhatsApp text page simply.

For Android users … also a universal way

Go to any browser and use this URL template number with country code) and click enter this will open WhatsApp with empty chat.. you can message directly.


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