Top 5 Android games that you must play this march

So today we take a deep look into the top 5 Android games of 2022 march which you can choose to play according to your interest.

Bladed fury

First in the list the most dynamic game of March 2022 is bladed fury which is developed and published by NEXT studios and the platform to play is Microsoft Windows.

Released on December 18, 2018 this game is full adventurous based on the  ancient china. Where you will virtually experience the  ancient Chinese texture with mythology.

So Ji try to encounter the injustice and on her path she found allow deities which allows her to gain the power of soul silvers. 


Chinese mythology and art style are interesting elements of the game. This game also gives the experience of combat and style.

There are also a total of 18 game tracks.

Pros –

  • Presentation is unique 
  • Action is fast-paced 
  • Combat is easy to learn 


  • Limited upgrade system 
  • Not gripping story 
  • No English voiceover 

Sunrise village

The game is full of adventures and tasks made by Innogames. The village in the game is very peaceful surrounded By nature.

You have to help your grandmother in handling the farm and you can meet and interact with friendly villagers.

Also, get a chance to explore and solve the exciting mysteries on the way.

Features – 

Full of adventure game where you can build your village and you can meet the villagers and you will get a chance to discover their life stories.

Take care of the form by gathering resources and increasing productivity. 

In this game, you will complete the daily quest for the villagers and solve the mystery of the stone monument. A free game to play for android and iOS.


  • Interesting story line 
  • Realistic and slow-paced game


  • Uses too much energy for the items 
  • Contain ads which are annoying sometimes 

Thinker inland 2

This is best survival adventure game. All the players have to survive in extreme situations and dangers. Also they have establish the control over the inland.


The game is very interesting in the storyline as well in visuals.

Hunting, camp fires, setting up a camp are some exciting initial activities.

The game mainly has two factions one is villagers and second is citizens with aliens which is the main antagonists.

Player has to pick one side and compete for tasks and quest for them to increase their dominance in the inland.

The game has a lot of locations to discover more than 50 which make it more amazing and thrilling to play.

Wild animals, aliens and mutants are in the game to fight and players have to be ready to tackle them and save their lives.


  • Good visuals 
  • Engaging story 
  • Lots of location 
  • As free

Cons – 

  • Lack of soundtrack 

My hero ultra impact 

One of the popular game to play in match 2022 which comes with easy controls and decent graphics.

Starting from the basic tutorial to the combat which very easy to learn with unlimited free rerolls. The. The story takes you in new things and you have to fight many battles.

There are lots of quests to compete and earn useful rewards. Apart from this players can also explore the dispatch, hero base and fully equipped gear shop.

The game has eye-pleasing visuals in both 3D and 2D.  The detailing in the character is awesome.

The audio, sound effects and music are also quite decent and soothing. 

Pros – 

  • Ad-free game
  • Good music 
  • Easy controls 
  • Appealing graphic 


  • Experienced players can find it so easy to play 
  • In the app, purchases are there 


Last on the list but very impact-full and engaging game to play with the beautiful illustrative art style and a very simple concept.


A straightforward game without any unlocks, story and levelling up things. All you have to do is build something gorgeous.

There are no limitations you will get a sandbox where you can create the colourful buildings the way you want.

This game is a must-play for the creative person to play with sand and artistic design to build sometimes tremendous.


  • A simple game without any limitations
  • Will Enhance the creativity
  • A slow-paced game
  • Colorful artistic graphics


  • In the app, purchases are there 
  • Mainly for creative individuals 

So above is the list of the best 5 games of 2022 March that you can play. With all the pros and cons along with their amazing features by which you can make you choose according to your interest.

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