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Malware is still a major threat in cyberspace landscapes due to the widespread use of documents such as infection vectors. These infection vectors hide malicious code embedded for infected users, making it easier to use social engineering methods to infect their machines. Research has shown that machine-learning algorithms can provide effective detection mechanisms against such threats, but the existence of weapon races in negative settings has recently challenged such systems.


The aim of this project is to explore the hypothesis of a computer virus threat, and how destructive it can be if executed on a targeted machine using an image. What are the possible counter measures to protect computers from these threats? Information security risks associated with computer viruses can infect computers and other storage devices by copying themselves into a file and other executable programs. These files get infection and allow attackers to connect to target systems by using backdoors. The results of this project show that, the proper security implementations and the use of up to date operating systems patches and anti-virus programs helps users to prevent the loss of data and any viral attack on the system. Nevertheless, this observation could be used for further research in the network security and related fields; this study will also help computer users to use the possible steps and techniques to protect their systems and information from any possible attacks on their network systems. The Internet today spans the globe and serves billions of users, providing an environment in which a single virus can conceivably cause rapid and widespread damage to systems throughout the world. The scope of the project is to show the attacks possible on a computer by spreading viruses by making them hang and unresponsive with certain executable scripts and bash files and by adding them to auto start up which leads to system crash and corrupting of hard drives and also about the parameters have to be taken care to prevent such attacks in this globalized world.

Note: Please note that this is a project for a group of max 2 students. 

Document for the project 

Procedure to execute the project

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