JUDICIAL CASE MANAGER USING VIRTUAL MЕMORY (Operating systems project for college students)

 Segregating Judicial Cases on the basis of their importance and gives a storage location for those cases which are not yet active in the court.

Writing a program that translates file number (logical) to storage location (physical addresses) for a virtual address space of size 2^16 = 65,536 bytes. Program will read from a file containing file numbers (logical addresses) and using a TLB as well as a page table, will translate those address to its corresponding physical address which are not yet assigned to the court.

The files will be read from file addrеssеs.txt, which contains 1000 logical addresses ranging from 0 to 65535. Apart from translating each logical address to a physical address, it dеtеrminе the contents of the signed byte stored at the correct physical address.

The program is to output the following values:

  • The logical address being translated (the integer value being read from addrеssеs.txt).

  • The corresponding physical address (what your program translates the logical address to).

  • The signed byte value is stored at the translated physical address.


    Link for the code and document

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