Top 5 Smart Watches Under 5000 Rs in India March 2022

If you are planning to buy a smartwatch and unsure where to land your grab, then you have come at right place! This article is specially for folks with lesser tech knowledge. Don’t worry we have got you covered and will list our best picks for top 10 smart watches under 5000 rs in India. We urge you to read what we have to say about the product first before making a choice, so that you would know for sure what suits you the best. We have tried to elaborate in easy language so that everyone can get what is actually meant by a particular feature.

On number 5 we have our Boat’s Xtend T-Rebel Edition Smartwatch, currently on a heavy sale you can get this at a very reasonable price of 2699rs on Amazon.

Key Features:
  • It has an inbuilt Voice Assistant, Alexa that can set reminders, alarms and answers questions from weather forecasts to live cricket scores at your command!
  • 14 Sports modes
  • Sleep tracker
  • SPO2 monitor
  • Heart rate viabilities tracker (Used to indicate stress levels)
  • Can receive phone calls, receive/send texts, set alarms 

  • Display is not up to mark, reviews state plenty of people facing difficulties with the display.
  • SPO2 , heart rate and other trackers are sometimes erratic.
  • Battery life is okayish.
  • Calls can’t be picked up or silenced. You can only see the caller id and reject the call.
  • Sometimes laggy.
  • Boat has tried to incorporate many features at a very low price. 
  • If you are just trying out smart watches or buying it for a kid, it is good worth for including all the features that a standard smartwatch has. 
  • Comfortable to wear.
  • Works with both Android and iPhone.

4) Mi Smart Band 6

MI smart band, although doesnt give you look and feel of smartwatch but is definitely worth having a look upon if you are primarily buying it for fitness reasons.
Key Features:
  • Touch Screen
  • SPO2 sensor and heart rate tracking
  • Water resistant
  • Music support
  • can notify incoming calls
  • Sleep tracker
  • 30 sports modes
  • Other notification features which you probably won’t even notice
  • Uses hand motion for step counting, so will give inaccurate results
  • Battery life average at best
  • Have frequent charging issues
  • Good brand name Xiaomi
  • Readings are fairly accurate ( Not accounting for steps count )
  • Screen quality is fairly good
  • Waterproof
  • Looks good on a small wrist 

3) Fire-Boltt Ring Bluetooth Calling Smartwatch

Fire-Boltt is one of the most prominent brand in this domain. They have incorporated many edge cases which its rivals don’t have. Although on the higher side of price, this is surely worth a mention and has earned its place in this list.
Key Features:
  • Can make and receive calls
  • Bluetooth supported
  • SPO2 sensors and Heart rate tracking
  • inbuilt mic and speaker
  • Uses hand movement for step counts, so can give inaccurate results
  • Heart rate and SPO2 sensor is sometimes erroneous 
  • Connectivity not proper for moderate lengths
  • Fulfils your making phone calls demand which most other smartwatches in this range lack
  • Has most features which other smartwatch have in this range

2) Amazfit Bip U Pro

On number 2, we have Amazfit Bip U Pro, a true underdog, it has loads of features leaving its rivals sweating. Lets just get to Key Features so you would see the drastic difference in features in this watch for the same price range.
Key Features:

  • High precision GPS
  • 60+ sports modes
  • Water resistant
  • SPO2 sensor
  • Alexa supported
  • low charging time
  • Motion detection is based on hands movement, so can give you inaccurate results
  • Fairly new in the game so don’t expect good support like other brands in the game
  • Screen is prone to scratches
  • Lots of features for cheap price
  • Sleep tracker is fairly accurate
  • You won’t face touch or smoothness issues
  • Battery life is good. (Most companies claim more than they advertise but this one fairly stands up to its promise)

On number 1 we have RealMe Smart Watch, if you have reached out seeking advice to this page, you must surely have this in your watchlist already. 
Probably the most famous smart watch in this range and you would see this getting recommended by most pages/videos. It sure has earned its spot! I have personally used this watch and it is very smooth, rarely lags, and mostly provides accurate measures.

Key Features:

  • Heart rate monitor
  • SPO2 sensor
  • Magnetic charging
  • Smart Notifications – displays incoming call alerts and other notifications on your wrist

  • The band is of cheap quality as you would find in many reviews, personally using I felt that too, realMe could definitely improve on that one.
  • Heart rate is sometimes erroneous 
  • SPO2 gives correct measurement – verified by author
  • One of the best deals for the price
  • Gorilla glass
  • Sleep tracker is accurate
  • 16 Sport modes

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