Image encryption and decryption using AES/DES/RSA Algorithm in java| [FULL SOURCE CODE]

Project Description:

In this project we have attempted to use core JAVA to implement encryption and decryption of image using AES/DES/RSA Algorithm.

The code is pretty simple and makes use of cipher class already inbuilt in JAVA for implementing the encryption.

We have also used basic file handling to write and read files from our local directory.

Overall it is a good beginner’s project for people learning JAVA or experts/individuals who just want to learn how to encrypt/decrypt images in their own projects. 

**Check out the cipher class and compatibility of your algorithm:

We have also done a video tutorial on how this project works, you can find it on YouTube.

How To Run This Project:

To run this project , you need an IDE capable of executing JAVA code, in the video tutorial we have used Eclipse.

Clone the repository from GitHub, (After you click on download Now button you will be redirected to github)

Import it in your local IDE and run.

This project is written by the author and you are free to use it for academic purposes, However TECHJUPYTER does NOT allow this code to be used for commercial purposes/reposting.

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