Hospital management using priority queue | DSA Project using pointers [FULL SOURCE CODE]

Project Description:

project would allow the user to book patient’s appointment on the basis of
their disease. It will also allow them to remove the patient record as their
treatment is done and also allow them to search a patient record. This is
implemented on C console using Data Structure and Algorithm concepts like
structures,priority queue etc.

has been used for collection of the data and priority queue concept has been
used for storing the data by the help of linked list concept.

Features Of the project:

Staff of the hospital can use this to book appointments on the
basis of the medical problem the patient is facing, also they can delete the
record, see the record.

This project is written by the author and you are free to use it for academic purposes, However TECHJUPYTER does NOT allow this code to be used for commercial purposes/reposting.

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