How to start crypto mining in India 2022

 Ever wondered how you can mine cryptocurrency while you sit back and relax?

Well rest assured, in this article I will cover how you can start mining from your OWN laptop/PC for free without any technical or coding knowledge! 

People with limited experience in tech, school studies and even people with no prior experience can start mining cryptocurrency in India within 15 minutes! So let’s get started.

Prerequisites required for mining:-

1) A PC/Laptop 

2) Stable Internet Connection

3) Binance Account

4) UnMineable Software (Download the one which says MINER FILES INCLUDED)

Follow these steps:

1) Download UnMineable from the link above and extract the setup. (Please make sure you download the version which already contains the Miner files, It is mentioned in the download button)

2) Now select from what component do you want to mine cryptocurrency from, CPU or GPU.

(GPU is faster and would gather more coins in short time but can quickly heat up your laptop/PC)

3) Now select the coin you want to mine, I suggest you start mining new coins or the coins which have really low value in USD such as Shiba Inu, BTT, or Safemoon since you can mine many of them in a small time where as mining Bitcoin, Ethereum and other popular coins would take several days with a normal GPU/CPU. 
Also, you need to enter your wallet address , the software only supports ETH addresses, if you are new and don’t have any idea how to get a wallet address, you can create an account on Binance and fetch your ETH wallet address from there. You can find the link to Binance wallet above.
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4) (SKIP THIS IF YOU KNOW HOW TO GET YOUR WALLET ADDRESS) To get your wallet address from Binance, follow these steps. 
Open Binance > Go to Deposit >  Crypto > Select your coin > and copy the address.

5) Now you are all set to go, just start the mining and it should look something like the screenshot below.

Key points to note:
  • The higher the hash rate the faster you mine coins.
  • Generally GPU is faster than CPU in mining but can cause your PC/Laptop to overheat. (So use with caution).
  • Try mining unpopular/low rate coins so that if in future their value increases, your profit becomes multiple folds.
  • Your PC/Browser might flag the software but it is safe to use.
So if you liked this article or if it was helpful to you, do comment and let us know 🙂

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