Assembly Language Programming project for college (Billing Order System) | 8086 Programming project


Purchase order (Billing Order) is a document generated by the purchasing department for buying goods
from a seller or a supplier. This document includes the types of goods, proposed price, quantity and
expected date of delivery.
Purchase Order Generation  software is written for a 8086 microprocessor .

**This is a self made project by author and the viewers are free to use it for academic purposes ONLY.

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When user presses 1, the user is asked
for following inputs: 
1) Number of items 
2) Quantity of item 
3) Price of item 
We make use of interrupts to take input from the user and then store it in 2 Arrays,
For quantity and price of each item. We make one additional array which multiplies both
Quantity and price and then it is stored in the 3rd
(additional array).
Now we format the data and
display it in a neat manner, showing the corresponding total For the items and the total cost which
has been calculated. We have made use of SHR and AND operations to display our total price and
all the prices Which are in 2 digits (since 8086 allows only 1 character to be displayed from an

Arrays in ALP
Interrupts in ALP
Conditional Operators in ALP
Masking in ALP
Basic Logics in ALP

Steps to run the project:
1) Download and install emu8086.
2) Copy and paste the code given in ,asm file.
3) Click on emulate, and provide inputs


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