Will Gojo come back to life after Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 236?

The chapter depicts a shocking turn of events where Sukuna Ryomen is able to bypass Gojo's Hollow Purple technique and defeat him by slicing him horizontally.

The chapter strongly suggests that Gojo is dead, reinforced by visuals of him in purgatory alongside other deceased characters.

In his final moments, Gojo expressed contentment at being killed by a stronger sorcerer and not succumbing to old age or illness.

Despite the apparent death, a theory suggests Gojo might return, not as the "Strongest One," by choosing a different path symbolized by Buddhist concepts.

The theory ties Gojo's character to Buddhist philosophy, particularly referencing the Lotus Sutra and the concept of reaching enlightenment.

The theory speculates that Gojo might take a path to the North, representing seeking a new aspect of himself and potentially coming back in a different form.

The story explores the Buddhist concept of Samsara and how Gojo may experience a cycle of rebirth or reincarnation after his death.

If Gojo returns, he might sacrifice his powers and live the rest of his life as Satoru Gojo, but not as 'The Strongest One'. The Six Eyes and Limitless techniques might be passed down to the next generation.

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Will gojo come back?

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