Is Satoru Gojo really dead in Chapter ?

In the latest Jujutsu Kaisen manga chapter 236, our beloved character Gojo Satoru was shown to be dead. He is seen talking to his former comrades in the afterlife. Now fans are left speculating if “The Honored One” is actually dead or not. Well here are some theories that suggest, Gojo Satoru might still make a comeback.

1. Gojo’s head isn’t separated from his body.
Fans are speculating that Gojo has once been almost killed by Toji Fushiguro, but still Gojo Satoru made a comeback through Reverse Curse technique and says to him that he should have gone for his head. So here also, Gojo’s head is still intact.

2. Satoru Gojo’s character is inspired by The Buddha.

When Buddha was born he took 7 steps And turned back To see 7 lotuses which came from the path. In the manga, when Gojo was cut in half, we see a lotus pattern in a panel. Lotus is symbol for strength and rebirth. Fans are speculating that Gojo might be reborn as a new sorcerer or a curse.

3. He says good bye to his friend but goes to other direction

In the manga we can see everyone who has demised greeting Gojo and talking to him, but at the end Gojo decides to go other way. If he had really accepted his death and if they were to re unite, why was Gojo going in the other direction? Maybe to find some new power or try something else.

4. Ending seems incomplete due to many statements being made prior

Earlier Gojo Satoru has made statements like “It would be difficult if Sukuna regained all his power but I would win.” , “A Jujutsu Sorcerer dies with no regrets”, and “A jujutsu sorcerer dies alone”. All these would be then rendered false, which gives a slight hope that Gojo hasn’t died yet and might make a comeback.

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