US Government Sues Amazon, Alleging Higher Prices Hurt Consumers

The US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) filed an antitrust lawsuit against, alleging it harmed consumers by maintaining higher prices.

The lawsuit is part of a broader effort by the US government to challenge the dominance of Big Tech companies in various internet sectors, following similar actions against Google and Meta Platforms (Facebook).

The FTC was joined by 17 state attorneys general in bringing the lawsuit against Amazon, following a four-year investigation into the company's practices.

The allegations include claims that Amazon used its dominant position to prevent rivals and sellers from lowering prices, thus stifling competition and innovation.

The FTC is seeking a permanent injunction to stop Amazon's alleged unlawful conduct and has accused the company of favoring its own products over competitors on its platform.

FTC Chair Lina Khan, who wrote about Amazon's dominance during her time as a law student, is involved in the legal action against the company.

The need to regulate and take action against Big Tech is a bipartisan concern, as both Democrats and Republicans have advocated for reining in the power of major tech companies.

The US government, during both the Trump and Biden administrations, has initiated investigations and lawsuits against major tech firms, illustrating the continued scrutiny of these companies across different political administrations.

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