How to reach Headquarters level 20 in State of Survival within 10 days | Hidden Tricks, tips and hacks for State of survival

State Of Survival is an android game in which you kill zombies, unlock buildings, discover new heroes, train troops , gather resources , fight with other survivors or form an alliance.

Here we have listed few ways with which you can get to Level 20 headquarters within 10 days ( Thanks to the game that it has speed ups which actually make it possible!)
Now before we get started, I know the game in the beginning throws a lot on you and you are unsure how to proceed, but worry not we have coupled many hidden ways by which you can progress really quickly which beginners miss very easily.

1) Complete Trail Missions

Beginners often over look that there exists Hero Precinct where you can go on trail missions, they are highly rewarding and can drastically increase XP of your heroes! Most of the time, the bread required to challenge the trail far exceeds your storage so you could just spam and get upgrades very easily!

2) Watch Live Streams in minimized Mode

Now most people don’t know about this but watching live stream everyday gets you 3 rewards in total, once when you join one, second after watching for 5 minutes, and last for watching for 30 minutes, ( Don’t worry you can minimize the window and play your game while it runs in background, the timer will count it for reward! )

3) Participate in Events

Don’t forget to participate in State Of Survival events, they give you massive rewards, most of the times you could get hours of speed ups just by doing normal stuff, so do keep an eye on that, from each event I have been able to get speed ups worth 20 hours or more.

4) There exists a MARKET STALL 

Now this one is easily overlooked but in Market stall you can exchange the conventional food resources for Speed ups! Now if you have been playing this game you would know how easy it is to get food resources and any other resources in general, but you can exchange them for Speed ups too!

5) The Alliance Store

Whenever you help your alliance member with a timer, you get 100 coins for alliance store, you can use these to redeem speed ups or other perks/upgrades. Don’t miss on these as they change frequently.
Now these were the few hidden tricks that beginners overlook and usually see when they are level 15 or above, but if you know these things prior, it could save a lot of time and energy!
If you liked this article on State of Survival and it helped you level up Headquarters , do comment and let us know 😉
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