How to configure google webstories sub domain to GoDaddy in | Setup makestories for blogger

If you are having trouble connecting your sub domain to GoDaddy in , you have come to right place and here we will show you step by step guide on how to create a sub domain in MakeStories and link it to your domain in GoDaddy, so lets get started

1) Log in your MakeStories account and navigate to Domains

2) Enter the sub domain you want to configure

3) Now it will give you DNS entry points

4) Now go to your GoDaddy account DNS management

5) Input the DNS configuration given in MakeStories the way depicted in image below

6) Now go back to domains in makeStories and you should see something like this

7) Now click on Verify to submit your site for verification ( It usually takes 5-10 minutes for your site to get verified ) .

8) Now upon successful verification you will see something like the image above. 

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