Chat Client Using RSA and AES with Key Based Dynamic S- Box (Information Security Analysis and Audit Project)

 Security is nothing but protecting data and other information from unauthorised persons to access, destruction or change our data.In this world, cybersecurity is incredibly important be- cause we’ve got our privacy at stake.So to counter this we’ll design an encrypted chat employ- ing a hybrid cryptographic system in java using AES(advanced encryption standard) and RSA(Rivest–Shamir–Adleman ) for encryption.

Encryption has a vital role in data protection. The importance of encryption realised with in- creasing communication. Encryption is smart when data packets using open channels, which they’ll be reached by other devices or people, to transfer their contents. Encryption is knowl- edge of adjusting data with cipher key by using cipher algorithms, so someone who knows the cipher key and cipher algorithm can export the plain text from cipher text. The meaning of Encryption isn’t only hiding information, but also it means sending information with an- other form, in order that ensure security of information.

RSA is employed to verify the intended recipient and to transfer the AES key. AES is em- ployed then to encrypt the messages passed between the 2 users. First the Client transfers the AES key (encrypted using public key of recipient with RSA) to the recipient(Server).Server then decrypts the message using its private key to urge AES key which is employed to en- crypt and decrypt further messages.RSA utilized in EBC(electronic code book) mode with 1024 bit key and AES with 128 bit key. AES is implemented with dynamic Key based SBox. Using this method messages will be securely passed between the 2 users.

Problem description

To design a secure server-client chat system using various cryptography techniques and methods so that the client would never bother about his privacy and to create a system where hacking is literally not possible as the dynamic s-box comes into picture.

Link for the document

Link for the code

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