“It’s About Loneliness”: Rowoon Spills His Hot Take About Fandom Culture

Former SF9 member Rowoon was recently interviewed by AnOther Magazine, opening up about his career as an idol and actor.

The interviewer noted that Korean has become increasingly popular to learn, by Duolingo Reports. Rowoon commented that he felt proud that so many people are appreciating Hangul.

This is something I feel proud of. I think the Korean alphabet, Hangul, is beautiful, and I’m grateful that other people perceive it that way too. — Rowoon

In the same paragraph, AnOther Magazine wrote that Rowoon “questions what drives people to become superfans of South Korean actors and idols, to disappear into the fantasy fed to them.”

Before theorising, Rowoon stated that he may have a contentious "hot take" on the subject. Nonetheless, he proceeded, saying that he believes it is tied to loneliness.

Rowoon revealed that initially, he used to feel hurt by criticism. Now, he chooses to view all forms of attention as somewhat beneficial.

Overall, Rowoon recognizes that his fans find comfort in his work and vice versa. They both can find meaning in their lives through the other.