Nigerian Musician Tems Is Pregnant?

Rumors have emerged on Twitter suggesting that Nigerian musician Tems may be pregnant.

The speculation is based on a video of Tems at London Fashion Week where some believe she appeared to have a baby bump.

Speculation has further extended to the possibility that Future, another musician, could be the father of the child, although there's no strong evidence linking them romantically.

Tems has not confirmed or denied the pregnancy rumors herself.

People on social media were surprised by the rumor and questioned its source and authenticity, especially regarding Future's alleged involvement.

There is no substantial evidence to support the speculation that Tems is pregnant with Future's child, and it could be a baseless hoax.

The speculation about Tems being pregnant is not uncommon for celebrities, where rumors can easily spread and gain traction online.

It remains unclear whether Tems is actually pregnant, and if she is, she will likely make a formal announcement when she chooses to do so.